Whether you are an individual in career transition, a leader of a team or a company investing in leadership development – finding success can be messy! Agora will help you navigate messy spaces by focusing on what is already right rather than what needs to be fixed.

Leadership…made simple

Strengths-Based Leadership Coaching – Being a people leader is not for the faint of heart. Agora exists to help you leverage your leadership impact to create a highly engaged workplace and ensure profitability results. With only 13% of the world’s employees engaged in their roles, it’s time to get serious about your direct influence as a Leader. Your organization gets better when your people leaders get better.

Leadership Coaching packages we offer are meant for people leaders and:

  • You believe the greatest leaders are leadership multipliers
  • You are busy, have high expectations and value effective use of time
  • You crave balance, you desire excellence, and work for what’s best for your team and your company
  • You are motivated to invest your own strengths to support the needs of others.

What truly sets Valeyne apart as an individual and as an HR practitioner is the level of investment she makes in everyone she supports. She is intuitive, passionate, collaborative, caring, and dedicated to getting to the best outcome and business results. 


Sr. Director of Human Resources

Career transitions…made simple.

Strengths-Based Career Coaching – You can move confidently toward your next role with Agora by your side.  The process is simple. Your coach will lead you through the adoption and execution of various career search strategies; networking, resume development, interviewing preparation, offer/salary negotiation and career transition.

Career Coaching Packages we offer are meant for individuals who are:

  • In a career transition
  • Considering moving to another job, company or industry
  • Ready to put together a results-oriented action plan

A true motivational leader, Val is able to assess her clients’ needs and help empower them through education, guidance, and strategy. She is highly skilled in her work and beams positivity to others. It was an absolute pleasure being a client of Val.



Public Service Leader

Team Workshops & Keynotes…made simple

Are you looking for a highly customized workshop or an engaging keynote speaker? Look no further! Agora has the experience and know how to bring your company just the right amount of contagious energy and engaging content to your next event.

Corporations we work with:

  • Understand the need to drive high employee engagement and that great company culture leads to sustainable profitability results
  • Believe the results they are looking for start with their people leaders
  • Are ready to invest in their leaders

Valeyne is one of the most dynamic professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career to date. She brings an incredible blend of business IQ and effective coaching methods, which makes her a real asset to our organization. 



Director, HR Business Partner