One year of 1:1 coaching support to trust your Inner Leader and know, unshakably, that you are enough.


Do you have a head full of doubt, but feel like you need to show the world you're confident?

Do you often wonder what you would be capable of it you could silence the inner chatter?

Do you have so much to offer the world but often think, "if only I had a few more hours"?

RIght Arrow - black I see you in your hustling, striving and doing the best you can to keep it altogether for everyone around you.

RIght Arrow - black I see you with you genuine desire to push your organization forward and lead your team so bravely despite the corporate dysfunction and people challenges you face. 

RIght Arrow - black I see you in your rushing to never miss a soccer game or family reunion.

RIght Arrow - black And I hear you in your restless, nagging thoughts, "Am I good enough? What is wrong with me? How is everyone else managing it all? Why can't I just...? I must be an imposter. If only I had more time..."

I want you to know...

RIght Arrow - black The busyness and chaos within you and around you is begging for your tending. For your nurturing. For your profound compassion and radical love.

RIght Arrow - black The chatter inside your head is getting louder, not because you are broken, you aren't, but because it desperately needs your attention so you can trust & surrender to the greatness for which you are meant.

Dear Brave and Loving Leader,

Here is my rally cry to you. 

I believe it is no coincidence you discovered your leadership calling so many years ago. You were undoubtedly born for greatness and meant to have great influence. Within you is abundant capacity to live a life that brings radical love into the world in only the way you can. 

And now, amidst your feelings of self-doubt, hustling until near burnout and striving to finally "be enough", you are being called to transcend into a new paradigm of leadership - what I call, Agape Leadership. Agape Leaders are different because they're brave enough to face the important, yet often overlooked Inner Work because they know that radical self-love = radical external impact. 

You know you don't need another "tactic", you've already read all the books, you are ready for an internal shift in your way of "being" that informs your way of "doing". 

And you know that not only do YOU need YOU to unequivocally embrace the call of becoming an Agape Leader, but those with whom you have been given great influence are longing for you to say yes, too. Because when you do your inner work, you give everyone in your sphere permission to do the same for themselves. The whole world changes as we become more and more brave and loving together. 

You, yes YOU, were born to cultivate a ripple effect of leaders for generations to come. 

You no longer need to identify as a people pleaser, perfectionist, imposter, over-thinker or a hot mess. You no longer need to live on the edge of burnout. You are meant to experience the freedom and joy that comes from becoming an Agape Leader so you can finally…

RIght Arrow - colored Stop doubting yourself and start trusting the truth and wisdom that comes from within.

RIght Arrow - colored Stop being busy and overwhelmed and begin experiencing true work-life harmony.

RIght Arrow - colored Let go of the need to hurry, strive and keep up and trust in your own rhythm while standing unapologetically in your uniqueness.

RIght Arrow - colored Shed the masks you hide behind and live authentically, bringing forth all of who you are, even at the risk of rejection. 

Brave and Loving Leader, life is calling you into deeper work to become the catalytic presence for which you were created. It's time to embody your truest nature and rewrite the stories that keep you from trusting yourself. 

Radically loving & trusting yourself first, is the call of an Agape Leader. Will you say yes?

With love and to your continued bravery,


Work with me in a 1:1 transformational coaching experience to...

checkBlack4 Connect with and trust your source of infinite wisdom so you can reclaim your power and lead yourself and others from the inside out. 

checkBlack4 Gain greater self-awareness around your core values and innate talents to step more fully into your brilliance.

checkBlack4 Transform patterns that are no longer serving you by considering your limiting beliefs, conditioned narratives and social conditioning. 

checkBlack4 Experience greater inner resilience to reimagine your life and leadership impact in a fresh way with deeper alignment. 

checkBlack4 Get clear about what a healthy and sustainable 'work/life harmony' looks like for you.

checkBlack4 Drop the masks that are no longer yours to wear along with all of the striving and hustling that only keep imposter syndrome and self-doubt alive.

checkBlack4 Live bravely from a place of clarity, inner power and higher awareness.

checkBlack4 You will finally be able to rest (and stand) confidently in your 'enoughness'.


Who will benefit from 'Awaken Your Agape Leader'? 

A one year high-tact 1:1 leadership coaching program with Valeyne

You've questioned your 'enoughness' long enough

You may or may not see the cycles that your 'not enough' narrative repeatedly rises, but you are aware of your impostor syndrome, inner critic and self-doubt. It's time to reclaim your authenticity.
You want to trust yourself

Like many of us, you were taught to first seek outside of yourself for wisdom, truth and validation. 
You were not taught to first seek within. 
You are ready to stand in your Inner power.
You're ready to awaken your Agape Leader

Regardless of the "roles and titles" you have in life, you see yourself as a Leader. You know in your heart that you are here for a reason. A greater learning. A greater purpose. You want to live your greatest potential.
Are you ready to live and lead with even more authenticity, bravery and love?

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Agora Coaching & Training Solutions, LLC
Beth - Founder, Vibe Wellness

“I knew that by stepping back into coaching, Val would be able to help me ask bigger questions, reframe my false narratives, and dig into the core values that I needed to guide my next steps. I now have awareness of behaviors and patterns and the tools to navigate them towards a place of alignment. If you are unsure of if coaching will have the impact you are seeking, Val will quickly help you connect with your inner guidance and support you along the way with a tender curiosity and nurturing openness.”

Founder, Vibe Wellness

Together, we'll navigate my three pillars
which are uniquely designed to support you
to trust 
yourself more fully, know your
'enoughness' and ultimately,
awaken your Agape Leader

   The Three Pillars

1. Stand In Your Inner Power

2. Reclaim Your Authenticity 

3. Awaken Your Agape Leader

Are you ready to Awaken Your Agape Leader?

Your robust, high-tact 1:1 leadership coaching program investment is $6,000 USD. 

Choose from either a single payment of $6,000 USD or twelve monthly payments of $500 USD (I do not charge a fee for payment plans). 

Your 1:1 Coaching Experience Includes:

2292_Spain Valeyne and Shawntee
  1. 16 - 75 Minute transformational sessions with me over the course of twelve months. We have four meetings in Month 1, followed by two meetings in Month 2 and then one meeting per month from Months 3 to 12.
  2. Full 34 CliftonStrengths Assessment through Gallup to name, claim and aim your signature and innate talents (4 Complimentary Gallup e-trainings also included)
  3. The Inner Leader Pages which includes guided reflections and activities to support your growth
  4. The three 'Awaken Your Agape Leader' pillars and six nonlinear stages to focus our work together
  5. Personal leadership & career mentorship
  6. Customized journal prompts and activities in between sessions
  7. Unlimited What'sApp and email support between sessions

*An Optional In-Person 2-Day (12 Business Hours) Intensive Retreat may be included at the beginning or middle of your package for an additional $4,000 USD where we will deep-dive 1:1 into what matters most (Lunch and light snacks included on both days; travel and accommodations are at your expense).

Radically loving & trusting yourself, first, is the call of an Agape Leader. 
Will you say yes?

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Agora Coaching & Training Solutions, LLC
~Marianne - Communications and Engagement Manager

“You were in my heart and head. This was a journey of self awareness and teachable moments. I learned more about myself, my values, my wants/needs and to believe in my intuition. You have been a lifeline, a soul coach, a career coach and my biggest champion!”

Communications and Engagement Manager