You Belong to You


Dear Out-of-Place and Brave Leader,

You will have times, likely many of them, where you will feel like you don’t fit in.

You will feel like the ‘other’. The outcast. Or the misfit.

My friend, it’s because you are a fringe dweller. A maverick. And a heretic. You weren’t built to ‘fit in’.

You have journeyed your own unique path to the wilderness and now live where life is overflowing with authenticity, bravery and love. Welcome!

You feel deeply. You witness pure love. You know your innate worthiness.

This love. This authenticity. This worthiness. They have been forgotten for generations.

But you have awakened to the life that each brings.
You know them deeply and palpably in your soul.
Trusting and surrendering to it daily is your call.

So, my dear friend, my ally…

You feel like you don’t fit in, because you simply don’t fit in quite the same way you once did.

But, rest assured, you BELONG.

Your reshaped piece is reshaping other puzzle pieces.

So when you feel the discomfort of being where it once felt cozy and comfortable.

When you fear persecution.

Or judgment.

When you question your belonging.

Remember the toxic conditioning you have released on your journey to the wilderness.
Remember that your people pleasing ways are now behind you.

No more need for approval, external validation or comparison.
No more lacking boundaries.
No more downplaying your truth.

You can trust yourself to be exactly who you were born to be.
This is YOUR birthright.

You never again have to be someone you are not to feel love and worthiness.

You know who you are. You belong fully to yourself.

Affirmation: My “belonging” is to no one other than myself. My story, my boundaries, my truth are mine and mine alone. I am loved. I am worthy. This is my birthright.


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