From Agora to You - Here is My Message and Greatest Hope For You!


Over five years into building my business, I realized Agora’s “message” was fuzzy. My heart *knew* why Agora is here, but I was struggling to put it into concise words. If I couldn’t put it into words, how could I be sure Agora lives it out to the best of her ability?

Does Agora exist to help people land jobs they love? It has! Many, many people have landed new roles with Agora’s help… but how to get a great new job isn’t *the message* Agora exists to communicate.

So, maybe we are here to help people engage as a leader? To lead stronger. Yes, and also, no. That excludes the ways Agora has helped teams or entire organizations. 

Okay, so Agora seeks to make workplaces better, whether it’s a leader or a whole team who’s being coached or trained? Sort of…  

But coaching is never just about the workplace - it’s always about a whole person, a whole situation, a whole life. And it’s never just about the end goal. It’s about the transformation that happens… 

The process of narrowing down this message has been intense. I’ve used a coach to help me and have journaled and pondered for months.

This is what emerged: When you trust your Inner Leader, you will lead with an unshakable knowing that you are enough and you will awaken your impact

There it is. Admittedly, anticlimactic. A little “bumper-stickery”.

But it's the through-line. That’s how Agora has served and will serve, regardless of who the client is that’s being coached or trained.

This new clarity is helping me to decide exactly what offers and programs are best for my clients. Which means some things Agora has done in the past won’t be right for the future and some newly re-imagined offerings are on their way. 

For starters, very soon I’ll be opening up access to a new community called The Agora Book Club. I can't wait to share more information with you once it's ready. 

In the meantime, comment below or like this blog post if this Agora message resonates with you!


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