The Agora Story

In Ancient Greece, the Agora was the center of town where people went to do business and find community. It was a bustling place, full of activity where one couldn’t help but be seen and known. Here, people could engage in meaningful relationship and get the resources they needed to lead successful lives.

Agora Coaching and Training Solutions exists for the same reasons. At Agora, we know people live their best lives when they are seen and known. We know the power in having a place to go to gain insight, resources and encouragement. Agora is more than a company; we are a community supporting you through challenge and into long awaited results.

The Agora Experience

Agora exists to make the world a better place through maximizing human potential ~ one career, one leader and one team at a time.

When you partner with Agora, you get the results you want.


Agora approaches your challenge with the same urgency as if it were our own.


No two people or organizations are the same and neither are their needs. Our solutions are highly customized.


We approach each challenge from a strengths-based mindset. This approach brings our best solutions.


We bring 20 years of real-world business experience to the table.


Through unparalleled passion, courage and resolve, we commit to providing solutions that honor our clients.


We believe in the beauty of the human spirit. All the decisions Agora makes inspire healthier, stronger communities.

We Do What We Say We Will Do

We deliver what we promise. Bottom Line.

Hi, I’m Val!

I’m thrilled that you are exploring a potential relationship with Agora Coaching & Training Solutions, LLC. I would love an opportunity to meet you. Agora is the result of my life’s work and passion. As a professional, I have worked both in business and human resources. For much of my career, I managed a profit and loss statement and drove business results through strategic team development. On the other hand, I’ve supported leaders to accomplish significant increases in employee engagement and retention while boosting their business profitability. The balance of my certifications and varied experiences allow me to connect and identify with you in a way not all coaches can offer. I treasure the chance to walk alongside individuals & teams and coach them to maximize their potential. Finding out what makes others tick is what makes me tick.

Professional Education & Certifications

  • Psychology in Leadership Certification through Cornell University
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through the International Coach Academy
  • Clifton StrengthsFinder Coach through Gallup
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Training Practitioner through CPP

My professional resume highlights the successes I’ve achieved in the corporate world over the past 20 years. What the resume leaves out are the challenges I’ve overcome – like the nagging idea that I am not “enough” and the reality that sometimes I feel so stuck I’m not sure where to start. Great coaching has made all the difference for me in moving through my struggle and into success. I am confident coaching will make the difference for you, too.

Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, I am a small-town girl at heart, but I’ve lived in the Chicago area for over 15 years. As a pilot’s wife and a dog mom, I prioritize time for adventures with my family. Together, we often travel and the chances are high if we’re vacationing you’ll find us sailing, windsurfing or searching the beach for shark’s teeth, dolphins and sea turtles.

My Top 5 CliftonStrengths® are:


I focus on strengths and stimulate individual and team excellence. I enjoy the challenge of transforming something strong into something superb.


I put myself in your shoes and walk with you during your coaching journey. I enjoy close relationships and find deep meaning in working hard with others to achieve goals.


I recognize and cultivate the potential in others. I derive personal satisfaction from acknowledging others’ progress.


I have faith in the links between all things. Almost every event has a reason and serves a purpose. I break down barriers and find purpose outside of myself.



I am inspired by the future and what could be. I engage others in creating visions for their futures.

Want to know your Top 5 Strengths?

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