Everyone has a barrier when it comes to their career search.
We all have a story.
These stories, horrible as they may feel, are the pathway to success.
Maybe you were let go in a company downsizing.
Maybe you committed the “seemingly unforgivable sin” of prioritizing your family by taking time off to care for a loved one, tend to a family emergency or were a stay at home CEO.
Maybe you were demoted or promoted or retired then changed your mind. Maybe you didn’t get a degree or got too many degrees or took a job you hated and quit in 6 months (or 1 day).
Maybe you’ve been told you don’t have the “experience” to transition to another industry or to get into management, but are beyond capable & know that you’d be a better manager than your actual manager.
Maybe you’ve been in management, but can’t break through to the executive level for some other silly reasons.
Everyone has a story.
What will set you apart is your ability to tell a compelling career story that shows all of your experiences up to this point have prepared you for the job you are applying for.
Don’t settle. Don’t give up. Tell your story and own it!
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