Several years ago I was captivated by a guy named Jia Jiang – a typical MBA student.

Although impressive, it wasn’t his degrees or book smarts that caught my attention.

What really drew me to him is that he and I shared the same fear – REJECTION.

Jia began 100 days of self prescribed rejection therapy.

The remedy? Simple…

Do something outrageous to intentionally get rejected.

And for fun? Record and share it with the world.

Through 100 days of outlandish requests, Jia found that rejection isn’t so bad at all – and neither are humans.

His vlog went viral. He was asked to do a TED talk on his research. He has inspired many to overcome this fear.

Today, Jia has a new challenge for those continuing to stretch themselves in growth through an app called, “Dare Me”.

His first “dare”? Ugh!

WAKE UP AT 5AM every day for a week.

Easy for some. For me?

Not so much.

But, here I am.

EYES WIDE OPEN and surprisingly motivated to conquer this day.

Oh – If I lose this dare my $20 will be split amongst the FINISHERS while their deposit is returned in full.

For all you early birds out there – GOOD MORNING! Tell me. Does waking up at o’dark 30 get easier?

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